Kid-Friendly Breakfast Options

The school year is definitely going to be different this year. Are they going or not? Online? Who knows! I think I have one going and one online. But with that being said I’m going to need to have some healthy breakfast options available.

Super Pretzel PB&J

Both of my boys will be in middle school this year. I really can’t believe it. Good luck to all the kids going back this week!
I had fun last year working on this after school snack with Rachael Ray Magazine and SuperPretzel. This is still a snack my kids ask for after school.

Smoothie Bowl

So, I love my smoothies and I love my acai bowls and I really love make ahead meals that are healthy!  This is basically a smoothie made into individual servings and frozen till ready to eat just like the acai.  These smoothie bowls are perfect for an after school snack on the go!