No Romaine, No Problem

This tomato salad is one that my sister Jen makes a lot. It is refreshing, simple, healthy and delicious. It's one of those salads that everyone eats with their fingers out of the bowl before it's even on the table!


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This was definitely perfect timing. When summer hits I always tell my hair stylist I want to have more blonde! She usually gives me some great blonde highlights and I feel all summery. This year she kind of went for it... I have a full head of blonde highlights! And I love it. But the texture was so different than my normal hair. Dry.

Make Ahead

I have two boys that are growing fast and are always hungry.  I'm constantly looking for healthy snacks and meals to fill their bellies up so they stop eating!

Acai Bowl

In the summer I always crave something cold and healthy in the morning to start my day.  Most of the time I make my smoothie, but recently I've been on an Acai bowl kick instead. It is so refreshing and healthy!

Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli Rabe is a veggie my mom frequently makes.  It is packed with nutrition and is delicious!  I don't make it much because half of my family likes it and half of them don't.  But I love it when it's made right.  And my mom makes it perfect.  I love it tossed with pasta, of course.  But you can make it as a side dish to sausages or any meat.

Baked Ziti with Sausage

This recipe is all about me!  When I'm having a "hungry" day and want to eat a comforting meal, this is what I make.  It feels like a holiday meal, but I make this all throughout the year.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

This pulled chicken recipe is super easy and you only need a couple of ingredients.  I love serving this on top of the shoepeg corn salad with a side of cornbread.  You can enjoy a summer meal without having to BBQ...

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