School Mode

I'm feeling it.  We have school starting in 2 weeks and I am feeling the stress of it.  Getting all of the supplies, uniforms and backpacks.  It's a lot.  And once school starts we are going non-stop from morning until night.  It's always a rush to get to school and to get homework done and to eat a healthy dinner early enough so everyone gets to bed on time and feels good for the next day!  I'm tired thinking about it.    


Meal Plan 2

I sometimes wish I had a meal plan for the week...  So I'm kind of making these for me to refer to as well as all of you that need healthy, quick dinner ideas to feed your family.

Meal Plan

A couple of people mentioned they wanted to cook dinner during the week, but needed help with some easy ideas.  It is not an easy task getting healthy dinners on the table that everyone will eat after a full day of work.

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