Game Day

If you ask me whose playing in the Superbowl, I promise you I will NOT know the answer. My husband says he stopped watching football once he started dating me. And that’s pretty accurate. No one in my family ever watched sports, so that is that. Lol. He can totally watch it, but my main focus will always be the food and the halftime show! But now that we have 2 boys, he has made a point to start watching it again. I’m ok with that, as long as there is some good food, not just a bowl of Doritos!

No Romaine, No Problem

This tomato salad is one that my sister Jen makes a lot. It is refreshing, simple, healthy and delicious. It’s one of those salads that everyone eats with their fingers out of the bowl before it’s even on the table!

Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli Rabe is a veggie my mom frequently makes.  It is packed with nutrition and is delicious!  I don’t make it much because half of my family likes it and half of them don’t.  But I love it when it’s made right.  And my mom makes it perfect.  I love it tossed with pasta, of course.  But you can make it as a side dish to sausages or any meat.

Fancy Beans

This is a recipe I got from the back of a can of Bush’s Beans.  I have changed it a bit over the years.  It is an excellent side dish that I usually serve with white rice and store bought Rotisserie chickens for a quick, healthy dinner! 

Momma’s Meatballs

I can make these every day for a year and they still won’t be as perfect as my mom’s.  Not sure what she does to them.  But this is her recipe and they are amazing!  Sunday dinner usually has these on the menu.

Twice Baked Potatoes

What do you request for your birthday dinner?  In our house this is a big deal.  And sometimes it gets out of hand!  Most of the time my boys and Matt will ask for the same sort of dinner:  steak and mashed potatoes or twice baked potatoes. 

Simple Side

This is one of those side dishes that can be thrown together last minute. We all have some sort of rice in our pantry and veggies that need to be used. As well as rice I always have a bag of frozen peas. I served this with salmon and it really was amazing! But remember you can use any rice or vegetables that you have available.

Smashed Potatoes

These smashed potatoes are addicting. Can’t stop once you start. Everyone in the family loves them. I make them alongside steak and a salad. To make it easy, you can prepare them earlier in the day and then roast before dinner. ***My posts contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a…