Salsa Salsa

We all love salsa. It’s spicy, healthy and goes great with chips or on your tacos. I didn’t know how much I really loved salsa until I had this one! One of my closest friends, Mita, is an amazing cook! She specializes in Indian and Mexican food, but can cook anything. We met when ourContinue reading “Salsa Salsa”

Friday Night Pizza

Many people enjoy ordering pizza on a Friday night. It’s affordable, fills the family and no one has to cook. We just can’t seem to find a good pizza place to order from in Florida. It stinks! That’s why I usually make homemade pizza on Friday nights. It’s still affordable and fills the family, butContinue reading “Friday Night Pizza”

Mom’s Meatloaf

I’ve been making meatloaf for years for my family. It’s a great meal to fill everyone up. I’ve switched to turkey meatloaf to make it healthier, but it’s just not the same. I’ve tried so many different recipes but my son Dominick doesn’t like them. I think they are filled with too many ingredients. SoContinue reading “Mom’s Meatloaf”

Call it what you want…

I love it!  No matter what you call it.  Sauce or gravy?  In my family we call red sauce, sauce.  We call brown sauce that goes over meat, gravy.  If I cook meat in the sauce all day and it’s really thick I consider it more like a gravy. But no matter what, if youContinue reading “Call it what you want…”