Kid-Friendly Breakfast Options

School is in full swing here. I am focusing on keeping these kids healthy and happy while they are adjusting to the new school year. These kid- friendly breakfast options are on rotation in our house.

Dump Cake

Summer always makes me think of pie. Two of my favorites are, Sweet Cherry Pie and Strawberry Apple Pie. I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest one day and came across Dump Cakes. Don’t let the name discourage you from making this. Knowing that I can dump ingredients in a bowl, bake it and serve a delicious, sweet dessert makes me love it even more.

Strawberries and Cream

As a kid I was a very picky eater. I didn’t really like much and tortured my poor parents. Breakfast was a challenge. My sisters always laugh that my mom would go in the fridge and ask me for an hour, “Do you want this, how about this?” Well, in the morning if I didn’t want anything else she would cut up strawberries and bananas and cover them in a bowl with half and half. And it was delicious.

Easter with The Stylist Effect

A perfect Easter meal for me would start with an appetizer of Stuffed Mushrooms and an Italian Salad. The main course would be Lasagna Rolls. Of course ending with Grandma’s Ricotta Pie. Figuring out what to cook is the easy part, but what to wear I need help with. That’s where Amy comes in. She makes every outfit look effortless and classy. She chose the perfect Easter outfit for a beautiful Spring day…