Grilled Skirt Steak

This is the perfect recipe to use for fajitas, stir fry or just a big BBQ with a side of potatoes and veggies!


Super Pretzel PB&J

With the first day of school right around the corner Rachael Ray Magazine editors challenged me to come up with an after school snack using Super Pretzels. 🥨

Summer Salad

Summer is almost over in Florida and my sisters are not happy with me because I'm already discussing school. In Long Island they are still in the middle of their best summer weather and they don't want to even think about winter. So here's a salad Ali makes for all of you that are still enjoying your summer. It really can only be enjoyed during the summer because that's when the watermelon is the best!  

School Mode

I'm feeling it.  We have school starting in 2 weeks and I am feeling the stress of it.  Getting all of the supplies, uniforms and backpacks.  It's a lot.  And once school starts we are going non-stop from morning until night.  It's always a rush to get to school and to get homework done and to eat a healthy dinner early enough so everyone gets to bed on time and feels good for the next day!  I'm tired thinking about it.    

Sweet Cherry 🍒 Pie 🥧

Cherries are one of my favorite fruits. Right now they are in season and so good. We are having Sunday dinner at my parent's place and I said I'd bring dessert. I instantly thought of cherry pie.

Smoothie Bowl

So, I love my smoothies and I love my acai bowls and I really love make ahead meals that are healthy!  This is basically a smoothie made into individual servings and frozen till ready to eat just like the acai.  These smoothie bowls are perfect for an after school snack on the go!    

Poolside Pasta Primavera

The boys and I visited Michelle for some poolside fun and it was a blast like usual.  I will be sharing some of the other things she prepared in future blogs, but this is my favorite!  Pasta Primavera!

No Romaine, No Problem

This tomato salad is one that my sister Jen makes a lot. It is refreshing, simple, healthy and delicious. It's one of those salads that everyone eats with their fingers out of the bowl before it's even on the table!

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