Mac Eyeshadow

MAC Eye Shadow

By Alexandra Salvatore

MAC  is one of my favorite make-up lines.  I  went to buy some new eye shadows the other day and stopped by the Macy’s MAC counter.  The girl was so nice.  She reminded me that the shadows are $16 each at Macy’s, but if I go to the MAC store they are $6 each AND you can personalize your palette.  I believe she said they come in 4, 6 or 12 packs.  For example the quad would be $24 . I just thought this tip was too awesome to not share.

This time I chose a quad and personalized it myself($24) with Saddle, Smut, Patina and Club.  I wanted a matte color and then some pearly based shadows that can be used on the whole lid or crease.  They are great accompanied by a highlighter up near the brow and inside by the inner eye.  Some of the darker ones can be used to line the eye with the brush to create the subtle wing line.

image1 has a beautiful selection of MAC Eyeshadows including the colors I chose…





Ali’s Beauty Tips

Ali's Beauty Tips

My younger sister Ali has a passion for make-up, skincare and beauty products.  She will be sharing some of her favorite beauty tips on  Enjoy her short introduction below:


By Ali Salvatore

My name is Ali Salvatore.  I love chatting with friends and family about my favorite make-up, skincare and beauty products.  That is probably because of how I grew up.  I have 2 older sisters(Kim and Jen).  Our mom is a licensed cosmetologist from Brooklyn.  Our dad is a retired printing salesman/entrepreneur from Queens.  My parents owned a makeup and skincare line called Lonae Cosmetics.  Our basement was always fully stocked with their newest products.  My sisters and I would go down there and pick and choose our favorite products as young as I can remember.  My parents would frequently run their multi-level marketing meetings out of the house.  Everyone would be there to test the new make-up colors and skincare formulas.  I of course watched on in excitement.  As a little girl I would take my mom’s dangling earrings and lipstick and go to school decked out!

Now that I’m an aging 36 year old, I need my make-up and proper skincare more than ever.  And I love sharing all of my favorite products with whomever will listen.   I can talk beauty secrets for days…