Ouidad’s New Ultra-Nourishing Intense Hydrating Mask

Sponsored by Ouidad
This was definitely perfect timing. When summer hits I always tell my hair stylist I want to have more blonde! She usually gives me some great blonde highlights and I feel all summery. This year she kind of went for it... I have a full head of blonde highlights! And I love it. But the texture was so different than my normal hair. Dry.



Ouidad was nice enough to let me try two of their new products before they even hit the shelves!  This is really exciting to me especially since I am such a fan of Ouidad's products.

Mac Eyeshadow

By Alexandra Salvatore MAC  is one of my favorite make-up lines.  I  went to buy some new eye shadows the other day and stopped by the Macy’s MAC counter.  The girl was so nice.  She reminded me that the shadows are $16 each at Macy's, but if I go to the MAC store they are $6 each... Continue Reading →

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