Labor Day Menu

Labor Day is a day we celebrate the working men and women. Most people take advantage of this day by celebrating the end of summer with family and friends.

I think Labor Day HAS to consist of a BBQ.  That doesn’t mean you have to BBQ everything. Maybe just the main dish. The best way to entertain is to prepare everything you can ahead of time to make it easier. That way you can enjoy your company instead of cooking the whole time.

This skirt steak is perfect. You can marinate it the night before and throw it on the grill before dinner.

skirt steak 1

Of course when you have steak, you have to have potatoes. I would definitely make the smashed potatoes.  You can prepare them earlier in the day and bake before dinner.


The only thing you are missing is a salad.  There are a few salads that would complete this meal.

  • Summer Salad
  • No Romaine, No Problem
  • This one is not my recipe, but it is one of my go-to salads when I entertain. It is delicious, feeds a big crowd, and you can make it hours ahead.  Barefoot Contessa is amazing and so is this Greek Panzanella Salad!

And for dessert, why not Sweet Cherry 🍒 Pie 🥧 topped with Vanilla Ice-Cream.

Enjoy your Labor Day!

I hope everyone had a beautiful summer.  I’m looking forward to FALL… How about you?


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