School Mode

I’m feeling it. We have school starting in 1 week and I am feeling the stress of it. Getting all of the supplies, uniforms and backpacks. It’s a lot. And once school starts we are going non-stop from morning until night. It’s always a rush to get to school, get homework done, and to eat a healthy dinner early enough so everyone gets to bed on time and feels good for the next day! I’m tired just thinking about it.

I do feel it’s really important for the kids to have a healthy breakfast so they can focus all day while they are in school. Here are a few easy recipes that can help on those busy mornings.⇓⇓

Smoothies – This is perfect paired with a piece of whole wheat toast or a multigrain waffle. This recipe shows you how to make them ahead so its quick the morning of.

Both the Acai Bowl and the Smoothie Bowl are filled with fruit. Perfect for the kids to start their day and easy!  –

Strawberries and Cream  – This is great for little ones that are picky and don’t have a big appetite in the morning.

Homemade Bagels – These freeze great and toast perfectly.

Make Ahead Muffins – These are so yummy and taste delicious heated in the microwave for a few seconds or toasted. They go perfect with a smoothie.

Once the kids are off to school I usually go right to the supermarket to get what I need to prepare dinner early so when they get home I can focus on them instead of cooking.  Getting done early makes feeding a healthy dinner to the family much easier. Take a look at these meal plans to help you plan healthy dinners once school is back in session…

Meal Plans

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School Shopping:

I bought these water bottles for my boys for school. The other ones they had were too heavy. They have great reviews on Amazon and come in 5 sizes and over 30 colors.
I bought the 17 oz and they are a perfect size to fit in the side pocket of their backpacks.
Only $11.99

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