Summer Plans

I think at this point in the year all of our minds go to summer.
Should we send the kids to camp?
Can I handle camp mom?
If so, how will I entertain them all summer?
And how I will I keep them fed and full all summer?
It’s non-stop…
I personally love summer.  We don’t do camp anymore because my boys don’t like it.  And at this point, I’m done caring about school and homework.  I want to sleep late and hang out with my boys.  We planned another vacation in New York for a few weeks and can’t wait.  I’m sure by the end of the summer I will be anxious for school to start up again.  Until then I will dream about summer days!
I usually look for new backyard fun to keep them outside and entertained.  It is soooo hot in Florida in the summer so most of it has to include water…
I know a lot of people put up this temporary pool in the summer.  I wish I had room for it, because I would also.  My sister puts it up every year and the kids do not come out of it for a second.  They love it.  This one comes in several different sizes.⇒⇒
The next thing people look for around this time is a trampoline.  My yard is once again too small and I’m kind of scared of them.  But the kids love them.  This one has great reviews, ships free with prime, has the basketball hoop which my kids would love⇒
My kids are getting bigger, but still have fun in a sprinkler!  It keeps them cooled off if its too hot and they love it.  We’ve tried a lot and the ones geared for kids always break.  So we stick to a good old fashioned sprinkler like this!  It’s cheap and lasts and does the job.  Ships free with prime and is 29% off right now!
We have fit a small slip and slide in our yard, but if you have room this is the way to go!⇒⇒
It’s 16 feet long, has 3 lanes and is less than $33!
Can you even resist corn hole?  Such simple fun and looks great set out in the yard for a BBQ or just to keep the kids outdoors.  This one is $60 for 2!  And ships free with prime.  I love the American flag design…
We have a big tree in our yard with a tire swing and a plastic disc swing and every kid that comes over loves them both!  You really don’t need a bulky, expensive swing set if you have a tree or two…  This swing has great reviews and ships free with prime.
If you want to get fancy(I really like this one) grab one that you can relax in and maybe read a book while the kids play…  It’s less than $40!⇒⇒
This one is awesome too…
Do NOT forget this for the rainy days…⇓⇓
20% off and perfect to pull out when they are bored and saying they have no new legos!
I will keep looking and searching to help you keep the kids entertained all summer long….  More blogs to come.

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