Ouidad’s New Ultra-Nourishing Intense Hydrating Mask

Sponsored by Ouidad

This was definitely perfect timing. When summer hits I always tell my hair stylist I want to have more blonde! She usually gives me some great blonde highlights and I feel all summery. This year she kind of went for it… I have a full head of blonde highlights! And I love it. But the texture was so different than my normal hair. Dry.

Love It!
So blonde and straight and dry!

Then I received my package from Ouidad with the new Ultra-Nourishing Intense Hydrating Mask. It’s not news to anyone that I love Ouidad products and have been using them for years. So this is exciting for me! Having curly hair and dying it blonde is never a good mix. But I have to tell you, after one time of using it my hair was nourished and softer than it was before I dyed it blonde.

It’s amazing. Another product I will not be able to live without now. It will go far because I only use it once a week to deep condition. I used it the other day and left a little in my hair. I slicked it back wet and let it work it’s magic throughout the day.

After the Mask! So hydrated!
No Frizz!

If you missed my last Ouidad review here it is👉 Ouidad New Product Review

Here are a few other items and products that will help when styling your curly hair:

Shampoo⇒ Curl Quencher® Moisturizing Shampoo

Conditioner⇒ Curl Quencher® Moisturizing Conditioner

Love it also.  I use it as a detangler when I get out of the shower.  ⇒ Botanical Boost® Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray

Hair Spray⇒ Finishing Mist Setting & Holding Spray

Wide-Tooth Comb– I have one in the shower to comb my hair while the conditioner is in it and one when I get out of the shower to comb the detangler through.

Curl Clips-I use them to clip my hair in sections when I am styling it and to keep the roots raised when I am air drying it.

Diffuser-Wouldn’t attempt to dry my hair without it!

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