Meal Plan 2

Meal Plan 2

I sometimes wish I had a meal plan for the week…  So I’m kind of making these for me to refer to as well as all of you that need healthy, quick dinner ideas to feed your family.

I made this plan for 3 days out of the week to start.  You can also refer to Meal Plan 1 for different ideas.

Day 1(Monday)Italian Wedding Soup

  • On Sunday when you have a little extra time, make your pasta with sauce and meatballs. (Make the meatballs small)
  • Double the batch of meatballs.(You can follow that exact recipe and use ground turkey instead if you prefer)
  • Use half of the meatballs for your Sunday Sauce and the other half store in a container in the fridge after you roast them.  You will need them for Monday’s Italian Wedding Soup.

Day 2(Wednesday)Mita’s Slow Cooker Chicken

This is a great recipe to use for simple tacos that you can throw together when you get home from work.  The hardest part (the shredded chicken) will be done when you get home!

  • Layer your tacos with coleslaw(buy the bag that’s already shredded)
  • Then add the chicken.
  • Then top with Mexican cheese and salsa.

Day 3(Friday)Homemade pizza

You can use any crust you prefer.  There are so many in the refrigerated section or regular bread section you can choose from.  My new fav is Naan bread for a perfect crust.  The kids love it and we all have individual pizzas.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should bake the pizza at a high temp like 450 degrees!  Just keep your eye on it.

***I always have bags of prepared salads for myself in case I don’t want the kid’s pizza or pasta.  One of my favorites are Eat Smart Sweet Vegetable Kale salad kit.  I can eat a whole bag myself!***

Of course if you’re pantry is stocked well it will help when planning your meals…⇓

Pantry Essentials

***My posts contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.***



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