Memorial Day Menu







Memorial Day is a holiday to remember the people who died while serving our country.  Most of us will take this day to gather with our friends or family and enjoy the nice weather and good food.  Hopefully, while enjoying this day off and good food, we can all take a little time to think about the people who died for our freedom and their families.

I’ve put together a quick Memorial Day menu if you are struggling with what to make for your Memorial Day gathering.  Hoping here in Florida we can see the sun again!  The rain has been going on for weeks.

For an appetizer I would do one or all 3 of the appetizers listed below depending on how many people you are having. 
If you are asked to bring a dish, the shoepeg corn salad is a must!  
Any of these main courses would be perfect for Memorial Day, but the Summer Boil is fun and screams summer!  If you want to BBQ, the Carne Asada Tacos is delicious and easy!  You can prepare it all the day before. 
If you need to bring a dish to a friend’s house the Sausage and Peppers is perfect in a big aluminum dish.  Make it ahead.  Just keep it covered so it stays hot.  It will feed a crowd and be a big hit!  
Main Course:  
Side Dishes:  
For a big crowd or if you are asked to bring a desert Annie’s Crumb Cake would be my first choice.  Easy and a hit with all.  If you are entertaining I would do a big bowl of mixed berries as well with a side of homemade whipped cream!  Perfection!

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