Get Swim Suit Ready or NOT!

by Alexandra Salvatore

After being stuffed in a winter coat and boots all winter, putting on a swimsuit takes work.  I’ve put together some of my favorite products to help you feel good when summer comes around.  Ready or not, here it comes!


Sublime Bronze is great to give a quick spray before bed.  I recommend you spray outside or in your shower because it can get messy.  If you have somewhere to go in the next few days and you want a hint of color on your legs, arms or face, this is perfect. It’s very natural looking.  Be sure to exfoliate before you spray and do NOT wear any creams when applying.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup is strictly for when you’re wearing a dress and haven’t had your legs exposed to the sun in a while!  Or if you just want them to look flawless.  Any time I go to an affair in a dress I use this.


But honestly the most important thing when going in the sun is to protect yourself from the sun!  I wear a tinted moisturizer with sunblock over my face cream every day.  It prevents dark spots and wrinkles as well as dangerous exposure to the sun.  I get this Elta facial sunscreen from my dermatologist.  I can NOT live with out it anymore.


I read something recently on mineral sunscreens.  It is supposed to be the new way to sunblock because it won’t clog pores.  La Roche has one. ⇒⇒

beach babe

This Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray is perfect for the tousled beach hair look(Not that I can achieve it.  But if I had the right hair this would be the product to use.  Lol)

Once you are ready to put on a swimsuit you have to try these…

This Robin Piccone One Piece Swimsuit has the most beautiful neckline and fits like a glove!  I have it in black, but only see it in basil now.

I tried on this Robin Piccone Luca Scoopneck swimsuit.  It felt like a soft stocking on.  It was so flattering, classy and classic. It is perfect if you need more coverage up top.

I own this BECCA by Rebecca Virtue Color Play Plunge One-Piece in burgundy. It’s so flattering and comfortable. It covers without being totally covered.  I love all of her suits.  Here are a few more that I love that are similar…

And you can’t have summer without the perfect pair of flip flops.  I bought these Ipanema Women’s Glam Flip-Flops and can’t wait to wear them!


Coats and boots are packed away.  Summer is calling my name.  I can hear it.  You?


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