Pantry Essentials

Pantry Essentials

There are a bunch of items I always keep in my pantry that help me to prepare easy dinners for the family.  I’ve listed them below.  I hope it helps on your next stop to the grocery store.  I usually wait till they are on sale.  My supermarket always has really good buy 1, get 1 free sales that help me stock up.  Then when its time to cook a meal, you only have to pick up a few items.

Egg Noodles to serve with stew or chicken soup

Orzo pasta

Small pasta like bow tie, elbows, or little stars

Whole wheat spaghetti

seasoned black beans

low sodium black beans

low sodium kidney beans

low sodium pinto beans

low sodium garbanzo beans

tomato paste

tomato sauce(cans-I buy a couple of different sizes)

crushed tomatoes

whole peeled tomatoes

cans of corn

Cans of peas

low sodium chicken broth and beef broth

rice(I keep a variety, yellow, white, brown, etc.)-They also have minute rice I keep in my pantry for really quick meals.  It literally cooks in minutes.

Bread crumbs-Panko and regular.  I usually buy the seasoned ones.

Cans or jars of olives and other vegetables to put in a salad or antipasto(marinated mushrooms, hearts of palms, pepperoncini, etc..)

Cans of tuna

Bags of lentils and split peas


jars of salsa

Good Seasoning dressing packets

Small cans of diced green chilis

Enchilada sauce

Taco shells, tostadas, or fajita wraps

I found some great items on Amazon to help you organize pantry so you can actually see what you have in there.  You can also head to your local dollar store.  The containers aren’t as sturdy but you can find some that may work for dirt cheap.  I recently organized my pantry and it really makes a difference.

These clear containers are perfect.  It helps that you can see what’s inside.  These can also help to organize items in your fridge.


This 10-piece food storage container set is great.  I store all of my leftover uncooked pasta  and cereal in them so I don’t get bugs.


Mesh stacking bins  and wire baskets will work out well for a lot of items like boxes of rice and cans.


SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer is perfect to stack all of the cans neatly!



***My posts contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.***

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