Ali’s Beauty Tips

My younger sister Ali has a passion for make-up, skincare and beauty products.  She will be sharing some of her favorite beauty tips on  Enjoy her short introduction below:


By Ali Salvatore

My name is Ali Salvatore.  I love chatting with friends and family about my favorite make-up, skincare and beauty products.  That is probably because of how I grew up.  I have 2 older sisters(Kim and Jen).  Our mom is a licensed cosmetologist from Brooklyn.  Our dad is a retired printing salesman/entrepreneur from Queens.  My parents owned a makeup and skincare line called Lonae Cosmetics.  Our basement was always fully stocked with their newest products.  My sisters and I would go down there and pick and choose our favorite products as young as I can remember.  My parents would frequently run their multi-level marketing meetings out of the house.  Everyone would be there to test the new make-up colors and skincare formulas.  I of course watched on in excitement.  As a little girl I would take my mom’s dangling earrings and lipstick and go to school decked out!

Now that I’m an aging 36 year old, I need my make-up and proper skincare more than ever.  And I love sharing all of my favorite products with whomever will listen.   I can talk beauty secrets for days…


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