Welcome to our Garden

A few years back my husband decided to start a garden. He reached out to a local organic farmer to get his soil and plants. Farmer Jay helped him get it started and now Matt has kept it going. I’m not a gardener due to the fact that I’m kind of scared of snakes and alligators in Florida, but my husband can stay out there for hours. We really don’t have a lot of room, but it’s enough for now. This year we have eggplant, kale, and some herbs. Some years we do better than others. We’ve grown broccoli, peppers, onions, etc.  You should give it a shot and see how it goes. Even if you start with just one vegetable, at least it’s something. It’s a great feeling to be able to go out in the yard and pick part of your dinner. I really feel that is the way it should be. If you are not ready to take on a garden, look at these easy options I found on Amazon.  So fun!

Back to the Roots

I remember as a kid my grandma would take me in her yard in Brooklyn and show me how to care for her garden. She had a fig tree, grape vines, tomatoes and more. When it was in season, she would have buckets of figs. And they were so tasty. My boys have grown to love the garden as well. They go out back and water it and pick what needs to be picked. It’s a good lesson in healthy eating without having to preach to them about what to eat and not eat.

Enjoy the pics and happy gardening!


Farmer Jay


Picking some veggies
Matt fertilizing the garden




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