Protein Powder

I TRY to make healthy choices and TRY to exercise when I have the time.  TRY is the key word here.  But when I have any questions about health and nutrition I go to my husband, and if he can’t answer it we ask my brother-in law Sal.  He always has the information we need and simplifies it for us the best he can.  A few months ago I went looking for protein powder for my smoothies.  There are so many options and a lot of them are filled with crap.  I know a lot of us are trying to get healthy for the new year so I asked Sal to help me with a quick blog on protein powder.  He narrowed it down to two good options for women.  One is plant based and the other is animal based.  If you haven’t tried protein powder yet, give it a shot.  A small amount in your smoothie really does keep you full for a longer period of time.  I prefer the whey protein because it is easier on my stomach.  Hope this helps you in your search.

By:  Sal Stagnitta

To get the best results possible, you’ve got to push yourself in the gym and provide your body with the right muscle-building nutrients it needs to recover effectively after training.  How you recover after you workout is just as important as the training itself! In order to maximize your hard work and give your body the nutrients it needs to amplify your results, a quality protein powder for women meets those needs head on.

There are many options.  I recommend the two pictured above.  One is whey protein-animal based(ex. True Athlete) and the other is a plant based protein(Ex. Warrior Blend).

Both are great, clean options and top choices.  It really just depends on your preference. The assimilation rate is different in both.  The body will absorb more of the whey protein, which is animal based.  They both come in chocolate and vanilla.  I’ve tried both and the taste is really good.  Good luck and train hard.  Set small goals that are attainable and reach your big goals one inch at a time.  Consistency is the key.



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I'm a stay at home mom and my life revolves around feeding my family of four. I love to cook for my husband Matt and two boys(Matthew-11 and Dominick-9). I'm not good at entertaining big crowds. That makes me nervous! I TRY and cook healthy meals, and I TRY to buy organic. Matt likes almost everything except for olives, mustard and fancy cheeses-everything I love)! So I try to find recipes without those ingredients or sneak them into the food I make and then he picks them out... And when he likes something, he has no control. Can't stop. Won't stop! But he really tries to make good choices in what he eats. In the last five years or so we both have made changes for the better in our diet. Matthew eats very little and is very picky. It's hard to watch him eat cause he's always picking! My mom get's so annoyed watching him eat! I was the same damn way as a kid. I tortured my parents by becoming a vegetarian for 7 years! I still can't eat all meat. I'm picky. Dominick loves almost everything! And when he loves it, you know it. It's all over him and the floor. Unlike Matthew. Not a single crumb.... I am 100% Italian-I think.. I grew up in Long Island and always ate really great food!!! While the other kids in school were bringing Lunchables or buying lunch, I was eating a chicken cutlet sandwich! My mom is an amazing cook. Much better than me. I have to pull recipes and follow them. She just whips stuff up in minutes and its amazing! And my dad loves all of her food, and all food in general! Except if its too healthy, like salmon.... Most of the time when he's eating his eyes are closed. He says he can taste it better that way... My sisters both live in Long Island and our conversations usually consist of food, fashion, beauty or kids. Ali is similar to my mom. She whips up delicious meals. And they are usually healthy and light. She says she doesn't eat carbs, which is a lie. Every weekend shes at the pork store picking up twisted Italian bread, sausages, and ravioli. Her eyes light up when her 2 year old Joseph eats. Her goal in life is to feed him. And she hates casseroles. Refuses to make them. Lol Jen is very busy as a dance mom with her two girls. But when she gets in the kitchen, watch out! She cooks up a storm. Her salads are the BEST ever! Usually, it's accompanied with steak and rice or fried chicken cutlets! And there are leftovers for the whole week. The goal of my blog is to share some of my family's favorite foods. I'll let you know what works out well and not so well for me when it comes to feeding the fam!

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