Here’s to the New Year!

Here's to the New Year

I spent the 1st day of 2018 at my parent’s.  My mom wanted to cook and celebrate the New Year.  I went over early with my boys, and my husband met us there after work.  This is a typical Georgie meal.  She really is amazing.

My sister Ali has been telling us how she simply roasts peppers with EVOO, garlic, and lots of salt and pepper.  And serves it on toasted Italian bread as an appetizer.  That’s what we started with today.  Ali uses cubanelle peppers(also known as banana peppers).  My mom couldn’t find them so she just used sweet mini bell peppers.  And she didn’t toast the bread. But no matter what this was delicious.  I love veggies!  Neither of my boys ate it(just the bread), but there was more for us…


Dinner was just as delicious.  She made a boneless pork loin in the oven, baked potatoes topped with a bit of butter and paprika, roasted carrots(so pretty), and sauteed swiss chard with garlic and tomatoes!

I can only hope that 2018 will bring more delicious food like this.



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